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Khao Keaw Open Zoo is located at Tambon Bang Phra. The zoo can be reached by either one of two ways: first from Sukhumvit, one can follow the Bang Phra Reservoir route passing the Bang Phra Golf Course for another 19 kilometers or, second, one may follow the new State Highway 36 (Chon Buri - Pattaya - Rayong) following direction signs. The open zoo, operated by the Dusit Zoo Authority (Khao Din Wana) in Bangkok, has a large number of animals such as deer, bulls, monkeys, gibbons, hippopotami, bears, kangaroos, elephants and peacocks, and etc. Visitors can stroll around the grounds and observe the animals closely. There is also a large aviary with hundreds of varieties of birds.

The Night Safari Open Zoo has been popular among tourists for more than 10 years. The Zoo has maintained the beauty of the sceneries and animals around the Zoo, including the Zoo lecturer who will give the full knowledge about the animals along the 7 kilometers of routing. All the visitors have always been happy and excited with the scene of animals in the night time atmosphere. There are hundreds of animal to be watched such as; Brow-antlered dear, Elephants herd, Giraffes, Zebras, Gaurs, Barking deer, Camels, Bears and many of Tiger species.


Khao Sam Kuk or Sam Muk Hill, located in the middle of Angsila and Bang Saen, approximately 4 kilometers away from Bang Saen.

Drive along the highway 3134 (Angsila to Bang Saen) from Angsila, turn right into Bang Saen 1 Road. Go straight on for 50 meters and turn right again to enter the road circling Khao Sam Muk Drive along this road to find the entrance to Khao Sam Muk Shrine. You can also get there by hiring taxi-bus from the town (the fee is 100 up to 150 baht).

Khao Sam Muk is a famous attraction that is paired with Haad Bang Saen for a long time. On the top of the hill are Khao Sam Muk Shrine and a spectacular view spot. If you finish paying respect to the shrine, you might spend some time appreciating the scenery of Angsila Bay in the north, Laem Taen in the west, Siracha downtown and even Koh Si Chang.Khao Sam Muk is also a place where troops of monkeys live.

You can buy them some food from vendors around there, but you know some monkeys are very frisky, greedy, gluttonous or even insatiable! Moreover, tourists should not go up this hill in the evening or at dusk, because the area is pretty quiet and dangerous

Koh Loi is a small island close to the mainland in Siracha district. In the past it used to be only a harbor for large vessels, but today as there is a concrete bridge leading to the island, the place is set up again as a public park. There are seaside shelters for resting, a path around the island for strolling, and some restaurants and souvenir shops for tourists.

On this island there is Green Turtle park and Luang Po Pew Shrine which also serves as a nice view spot over Siracha downtown, siracha harbor, and Koh Si Chang, Koh Kham Yai and Koh Kang Kao from this island.

Along Sukhumvit Road and shortly before reaching Siracha district is Nong Mon Market, the largest local product market in Chonburi. On both sides of the road are more than a hundred stalls selling dry seafood,

desserts, fruits, and preserved food. Local tourists often stop by this market to buy some food. Famous products of Chonburi are desserts like Khao larm (sweet sticky rice in bamboo), Khanom Chak (sweet coconut wrapped in palm leaf), and Khanom Mo Kaeng (Thai egg custard). Also there are a variety of fresh fruit such as jackfruit and pineapple


Sriracha Tiger Zoo is opened for tourists on April 23, 1997. It is situated at no. 341 Moo 3, Nongkham Sub-district, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, with the area of more than 100 acres. The zoo consists of more than 200 Bengal tigers and 100,000 crocodiles. In addition to various kinds of animals, it also provides many activities for tourists to enjoy. Visitors can experience natural touch and enjoy the company of tamed animals closely.

Tiger Zoo Objective

  • To conserve wildlife species that are closed to extinction for future generation, such as tiger and some wildlife species.
  • To build consciousness for the society to reserve nature and environment, especially among the youth to care and concern for wildlife animals and take part in preserving activities.
  • To breed wild animals which are specified by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ( CITES ) that they can be exported.
  • To response to the 8th national economy development plan and social by developing quality of life and educating the society on wildlife knowledge.
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